Can You Stop Swapnote Notifications from Ex-Friends?

#1QuagsireQingPosted 10/10/2012 9:49:28 PM
I was at a convention a couple months ago and temporarily friended someone for the sake of Mario Kart races. I deleted him shortly after returning home, since he's not actually my friend, and I didn't want him in my friend list. In the last month, I've received three Swapnote SpotPass notifications saying that the Swapnote either contained invalid data (unlikely to happen three times in a row), or that it came from someone who is no longer a friend (much more likely, since he did send out a Swapnote to all his friends before I deleted him). I don't want to keep getting SpotPass notifications, though, only to find out it's for a Swapnote I can't read. Is there a way to stop these notifications from occurring, while still getting notifications for legitimate Swapnotes?

In short: friended a guy, deleted him, don't want to get blue light notices for his Swapnotes anymore.
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#2Kaze_MemaryuPosted 10/12/2012 7:45:01 AM
If you can remember his FC, re-add him, send him a note asking him to delete you from his friend list. Then delete him again.
There's not much else you can do except for blacklisting him - but for that, you'll need to have his FC again.
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