How to Recruit the Unique Warlords (an Explanation)

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I figure this is going to be a common topic here, so figured that creating a post to keep bumped (or stickied, if it comes to that) might be useful.

To recruit Warlords:

First, almost none of the warlords join you the first time you fight them. Kenshin and Shingen are two exceptions. Everyone else you must first beat and then find them in a random kingdom.

Second, there are some warlords that you cannot get until you play their episode, which is in the post game content.

When you find a warlord in one of your kingdoms, you need to engage them in battle, similar to how you would a warrior. It is easy to tell if a Warlord is in your kingdom -- hover the kingdom and a white bubble pops up. These bubbles will have shapes in them:
A Pokemon head means there are wild pokemon
A grey human head means there are recruitable warriors
A gold human head means there is a recruitable warlord. Even if there are recruitable warriors there as well, the head will be gold as long as one warlord is present.

Similar to recruiting a warrior, you need to meet one of the following criteria when defeating the warlord:

Defeat them within four turns.
Defeat them without letting them damage any of your teammates.
Defeat them using a super effective attack.

The difference is that you MUST have one of your warlords land the finishing blow. If a regular warrior lands the final blow, the enemy warlord will retreat and you'll have to try again.

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Requested sticky!
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I second the sticky request! Incidentally, I was able to recruit Ginchiyo the first time I beat her. Maybe there are other conditions to recruiting warlords...?
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You could add this to the wiki here also.
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Requested sticky. Didn't realize this till after I beat the main story and didn't get a lot of warlords.
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I don't have to worry again now.
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Shadow_Charzard posted...
I second the sticky request! Incidentally, I was able to recruit Ginchiyo the first time I beat her. Maybe there are other conditions to recruiting warlords...?

She's one of the exception's.

Ugh,I don't want to but I think I'll make a list.

Remember, you must meet the typical recruit conditions AND defeat them with a warlord to recruit the following Warlords:


Wow, smaller list than I was really expecting.

Feel free to correct me if I've made a mistake.
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Could you make a list in which Warlords you can get during the main game/post game?
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In short, any of the warlords that are "lackies" to a ruler who you can recruit in the main game (without playing special episodes), is recruitable the first time you attack the nation that they reside. Does that summarize the exceptions pretty well?
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This isn't worth a sticky, are you kidding me?
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