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User Info: blade113355

5 years ago#31
I'm sorry to those who's pokemon they wanted aren't in, but 60% of the pokemon that are in I really liked so I'm hyped for this game more so now then before.

User Info: blade113355

5 years ago#32
AngelPeach posted...
My main favorite, Skitty, isn't there, but honestly I'm not that surprised. I am surprised that Vulpix and Ninetales are not in though.

Yeah I didn't see Skitty as well, I love that damn cat :(. But with what I saw I can live missing skitty, besides I wouldn't use him he might get hurt.

User Info: DragonFaced

5 years ago#33
No Garbodor. : (

Well, it was nice knowing you, guys.

*commits Seppuku*
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User Info: HoopsJunky1

5 years ago#34
Squirle - nope
Arcanine - nope
Raichu - Check
Jolteon - Check
Mareep - Check
Minnesota Nice :)

User Info: Stefan1277

5 years ago#35
No blaziken?! whaaaa?!. Im not buying it, seriously, deals off.
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User Info: hunter994x

5 years ago#36
Salamence D:

Many of my other favorites are in this game so I'll get it anyway.

User Info: Harpyja

5 years ago#37
Let's see, they left out...

At least they didn't leave out the bringing to America part...
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User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#38
holy f*** that art is good.

anyway, I seemost of My faves are here, only major ones not there are Jirachi and shuckle.

User Info: SuperAngelo128

5 years ago#39
Surprisingly most of my favorites are here

User Info: 64starchild

5 years ago#40
No Quilava... :(

But I'm happy Lucario is in it!
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