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4 years ago#1
How difficult is it to evolve him this time around? I have a guy with a magikarp. Is it worthwhile to got for gyrados?
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4 years ago#2
not really worth it to keep a Magikarp, since you'll be able to link with Gyarados later on in the game. Though, if you do want to follow standard procedure, you can sit Magikarp in a non-hostile nation, along with some other Warriors you're not using, and set the nation to auto training. it'll take a little longer, but at least you won't have to bring it into battle with you, unlike the main games.
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4 years ago#3
I just went into the Fire Kingdom's training ground with a Wooper and Magikarp. Not too long after I now have a Quagsire and Gyarados and they come in really handy around the time you need to go to Tererra.
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4 years ago#4
How do I set to auto train?
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4 years ago#5
sensuna posted...
How do I set to auto train?

It's one of the Delegate options when you select a kingdom.
4 years ago#6
I don't have delegate yet..
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4 years ago#7
continue more in the story
4 years ago#8
I think you get it once you control five nations.
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