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4 years ago#1
Can anyone, without story spoilers (if there are any...), explain what happens when you beat the game?

My confusion is about the different "episodes". Do these continue the main story at all? How long are they? Can you play the main story over again? Do you start over with the basic pokemon or do you keep all of the ones you've collected elsewhere? The link levels?

... I know these are a bunch of questions, I just keep seeing tidbits of answers and want some clarity.

Thank you!
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4 years ago#2
From what I understand, they're all stories focusing on different warriors though I'm not sure if they take place in the same timeline as the main quest (i.e. what is going on with them before/during/after the main quest), and are the only way to unlock the majority of the warriors for use. All stories are replayable from what I hear. '

Edited to remove wrongly-heard information, based on waht Cody said.
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4 years ago#3
Do you know if I can use all warriors I've recruited in all episodes? So, say I recruit one of the Special Episode characters, can I use them the next time I play through the first (main story) episode?
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4 years ago#4
Well like I said before, there is no first main story episode, that's gone when you finish, you can never do that again. You don't play the hero again until the very last episode after you unlock and beat all the others, and that's pretty much the same except it's a 5 star difficulty.

You have to recruit the warlords again in each episode if you want to use them, they don't start with you. They preserve their ranks/pokemon throughout all episodes, but you have to recruit them all over again to use them the same way you did in the main story.

I'll try to demonstrate through pictures. After you beat the story of the game, you get a cutscene, then put back to this screen:

And that's all there is, that's the main screen. 4 pages of episodes you can select, as you complete them, more become unlocked.

Each episode has a different layout. Some require you to take the whole continent again, like Hideyoshi's episode does, but the one I have selected, Mitsunari's episode, only has 4 region in it. So some are long, some are short.

Now, all warlords are always available as they are in the main story. However, when I only have access to 4 regions, I'm not going to find any warlords that reside in the other regions, because you can't go there.

In that Mitsunari episode you have this:

So, I start with Mitsunari, and some standard warriors, and in the other kingdoms the normal warlords you'll find are there. You see Oichi with her Jigglypuff is in Aurora. Now I can go and recruit her through normal methods. Because I evolved her Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff in Hideyoshi's episode, that's saved. So when I recruit her, I'll be able to select Wigglytuff from her list of Pokemon.

When I finish this episode, I'll be back at the episode select screen and can chose another one, where I have to recruit all the warlords all over again.

I hope that clears up everything that happens.
4 years ago#5
Do all of the episodes involve doing the exact same thing over again, but with different main characters?

Or is there a variety to the episodes?
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4 years ago#6
They're nearly all the exact same, 99% of them are take over all the cities with you using different warlords as you said. A couple of them are different, if you look here: it has the win conditions there.

All the "unify x" are take over everything, a couple are win battles. But 2 of them are befriend 100 Pokemon. I haven't done one of those yet, so I'm not sure how it's going to work since the game records how many Pokemon you've linked with. If you've caught all but 5 you can't befriend 100 more, but if you're linked with 100 when you start the episode then what, you instawin? I think it may force you to link with duplicates...

Anyway, yeah it's an incredibly grindy game, it's mostly the same thing over and over. But if you want those legendaries and completing the gallery, have to do it.
4 years ago#7
Hmm... That is... Well, terrible.

I'm enjoying the game, but the lack of any real continuation or post-game upkeep is really unfortunate. I remember you posting that you disliked the lack of an overworld for this reason, and I have to agree.

I suppose I'll see how much I actually enjoy it after playing a few episodes... It just seems wasteful to "start over" in sense, without it even being a new game+.
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