How do you delete save data?

#1toki_suzukikoPosted 6/23/2012 9:59:50 AM
#2Zanmato555Posted 6/23/2012 10:01:25 AM
Page 07 of the manual. Its on the bottom. Read it... Wish people read the manual more often.
#3toki_suzukiko(Topic Creator)Posted 6/23/2012 10:02:28 AM
it didnt come with a manual x.x
#4xtdg134Posted 6/23/2012 10:04:04 AM
On the Tecmo Koei screen (the white one with the KT logo), press a+b+x+y.
#5toki_suzukiko(Topic Creator)Posted 6/23/2012 10:04:37 AM
thank you ^^;;