Warrior evolution problem

#1XaMAx1Posted 6/26/2012 4:58:36 AM
I hake yukimura with a charizard and shingen in the same nation. Charizard is link 75%. How come yukimura wont evolve? Im in the first episode btw.
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#2FullSynchroPosted 6/26/2012 5:00:35 AM
only the main character can evolve in the first game
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#3bigboss00Posted 6/27/2012 4:34:10 AM
Battle or perform another action with Yukimura, while Shingen is in the same nation.
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#4KensyuPosted 6/27/2012 7:19:59 AM
What FullSynchro said is true you can only evolve other warlords during post game content.
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