getting zekrom

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Again theres conflicting info on serebil so just want to make sure before i waste time raising the wrong kingdom. In two places on serebil they say differrent page says( the pokemon page) says that u have to be in dragnor with lvl 2 mitsuhide, ranmaru and nobunaga(which i have) and the other page (the region description page) says he appears in what cith do i lvl up dragnor or violight? Im confused any help apprecieted for those that already got him thanks.
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bump for good measure:P
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Thanx i just got him:P You have to have all 3 setting in dragnor( ranmaru,mitsuhide and nobunaga all at lvl2) and ull get the warrior crydstal then next month zekrom appears in violight:P

I have all the legends now except ray and arceus and cant get them till heros episode if im not mistaken .
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Can you say what episode you got Zekrom in? I haven't been able to get him in most of the episodes I've played, including the Hero episode. I'm figuring I should retry the Nobunaga episode, but I want to be sure before I do so, since I'll have to conquer all the way to Violight before I can confirm if Zekrom is going to appear.
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Sirk posted...
Can you say what episode you got Zekrom in?

I got him in Nobunaga's scenario.
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Thank you, I appreciate that.
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Are there any other requirements for the conquerors stone? I have nobunaga, ranmaru, and mitsuhide at rank 2 but I haven't gotten the event for it.
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You also need to be in nobunaga's episode and have at least 12 kingdoms