What chapters do I need to do to evolve Warriors/Warlords?

#1IronknuckleMMPosted 7/14/2012 7:55:37 PM
I wanna do those first.
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Among them I believe are Nobunaga's, Mitsuhide's, and Masamune's to start you off. I'm sure there are others.
Oh, and Nobunaga evolves only in his.
By the way, the document in this thread should help you:
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There's a discussion here on ideal episode order.
Someone already all the good ones? What english is this?
#4zanivi7Posted 7/14/2012 8:33:24 PM
If you want to evolve all of them as fast as possible, this is the route:

> Hideyoshi or Ieyasu (For most of warlords, if you want to have their 2nd form fast. If not skip this and evolve them all in masamune's, hideyoshi can evolve in masamune's too)
> Yukimura (will unlock shingen episode)
> Shingen (make evolving kenshin possible)
> Kenshin (make evolving shingen possible and unlock kanetsugu episode)
> Mitsuhide (make evolving himself possible in another episode)
> Kanetsugu (unlock masamune episode)
> Masamune (evolve himself in his episode and other warlords.
eg. kenshin, shingen and mitsuhide)

For shingen, kenshin, and mitsuhide you can rush through their episodes and evolve them all in masamune's (that's what I did)

As for nobunaga, need to complete 9 episode first to unlock and play his episode (he can only evolve in his episode)

If I miss something feel free to add.