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4 years ago#31
Guruda posted...
Another factor to consider is that there's a fairly long timeskip at work here. Nothing says that all future titles must take place entirely after the existing games. You could set a whole lot of games in the gap between the end of Ao's gameplay and the end of Ao, including hypothetically the beginning of the Erebonia arc.

I actually think that the next game should run in parallel with Ao, since those terrorists led by Count Kane or whatever have apparently been causing trouble for a while before meeting a BAD END at the hands of the Red Constellation. Olivier also mentioned that he's sponsoring a military school somewhere in the Empire, so I'm guessing the students there will be our heroes for the next legend. Fighting terrorists until the Crossbell conference occurs and reacting to the civil war there afterwards should give them plenty of experience to handle Ouroboros with. I would like it to take place in Barrier Heart just because the name sounds cool, but whatever...

Can't wait for Lechter to be an on-and-off party member/boss, haha.
4 years ago#32
*pops up at the appearance of Guruda AND a passing mention of Lechter*

Well, as the amount of games covering a part of region decreases over time, I'm not surprised if the pattern for the next games is one Septerrion per region per game.
And special students as party members....as long as they don't meet the same fate as Type-0's Class Zero, I can handle them. Class Zero's fate is just too cruel ;_;

And where are you now in Nayuta, Guruda?
Also your "Noi=Septerrion of Earth" crack theory is partially correct. If her final boss form is any indicator, the Septerrion of Earth will most likely has her power.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
4 years ago#33
I wasn't able to play at all over the past few days so sadly no further (ie I'm still just starting Chapter 2) but I plan to recify that very soon.
4 years ago#34
Um, can someone provide me the links of these following tracks in mrSimonAlt's OST rips on YouTube? Or from any other users is fine too!
- spring La Worg
- winter La Worg
- spring Rizweld
- winter Oltapia
- autumn Oltapia
- summer Heinmel
- Star Garden
- Astrolabe
- the Shrines (the two-floor stages on each continents, in case you confused it with the Altar)
- vs continental managers
- vs Selam
- vs Noi
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
4 years ago#35
Not familiar enough with the stage themes to answer those, but:

Shrine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9PoyattmW4&feature=relmfu
Vs continental managers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekTlvh9qcBI&feature=relmfu
Vs Selam Il Ordin (tag team fight with Creha would have been so much fun) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhTCgxYquPI&feature=relmfu
Vs Noi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XofL4DfLVQY&feature=relmfu

I think, anyhow.
4 years ago#36
Many thanks!

And yeah, Ordincest tag team would be rad. Too bad Creha didn't stay evil that long. The Power of Love, they said.....
But that's what full-wings Zext is for, right?
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
4 years ago#37
Hey, narugami, are you a fellow Troper? Thanks for creating Nayuta's page :D.

I've added tropes concerning the Mithos LOL. If I was wrong, feel free to correct me, 'kay?
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
4 years ago#38
Yes, I made it. Hope you like my description :) There were a few points I changed. For instance, the Star Fragment belonged to Zext (well, the Stellar Sphere). It's questionable whether Signa ever knew it existed (he would certainly not have been able to open it.) Also, Terra is not the former Rexendoria. It is an artificial satellite containing lifeforms from the world of that time - the continent itself was completely destroyed. Also I still think it should be Mythos, not Mithos, but whatever.

Finally this is just my opinion but I'm not sure they were holding hands? And personally I didn't see the opening as being that misleading. It shows Signa and Selam fight, and well, they do. ;)

Is it really necessary to post some of those spoilers (even hidden), though? It's barely out in Japan and there's been no announcement for Western gamers yet.

PS I understand that sennou can be translated as the name of a flower (Lychnis) but I think something along the lines of "Venerable Hermit" would be more appropriate since he's an eternally young old man, rather like the Taoist hermits. Read separately the kanji mean "Hermit Old Man" which seem more fitting for Gio.
4 years ago#39
About Signa's Star Fragment: well, the thing may be Zext's, but Signa is the one who kept the box, right? That's why I wrote it's Signa's.

About the opening:they imply Signa will stay until Heliograd Tower, and fighting Selam in front of the tower. Also, Nayuta and Noi fighting Zext and bunch of knights in the top of tower. That isn't what really happened. Signa vs Selam happened in Oltapia Altar. Whereas in Nayuta+Noi vs Zext scene, they faced Zext, Signa, and Creha instead.

About Signa and Creha's hands holding: it may be just me, but their fingers look like they're touching each others'.

Also, the ending has Nayuta surrounded by the girls (and Signa) it's hard to determine his canon pairing until there's an official statement from Falcom or a Nayuta sequel.
But I know I support NayuRai, and Wyrd supports NayuNoi LOL. Who here support NayuKure?

You forgot the spelling issues concerning Selam LOL. Is it Selam, Seram, or Serum?

Is it just me or Signa and Creha are paired a lot in pre-release materials? Never mind that they're siblings LOL....or is it a clever foreshadowing?
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
4 years ago#40
Just because I'm bored and doesn't have it yet, let's match the title of Mini OST's tracklist with the OST in game!

1. Tale of Countless Stars - obvious
2. Lost Heaven - obvious
3. To the Unknown World - hmm, probably the Lexendria's world map theme. Or the Astrolabe's theme.
4. Icy Phantasms - winter Rizweld. Or maybe winter La Worg.
5. Aulbath the Master Swordsman - the song that plays inside his house. Easy :).
6. Win Back Your Heart - I'm guessing it's either Signa's battle theme (because of the purpose of the duel itself), Zext's or Noi's (for "winning back" the siblings' life from them). It can be the Seasonal Arts mini-bosses' battle theme, though.
7. Nayuta's Sword - umm, probably the stage result song. Can't be the ending song because "Nayuta" is written on katakana.
8. Creha -Gentle Lullaby- - obvious. Probably the flute version of the song.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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