The trailer looks interesting

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User Info: PainsPerception

5 years ago#1
I kinda got the feel from the classic horror movies.

the bed scene was pretty cool too :P

Should be interesting to see how this game pans out in the next few months.
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User Info: rikkuster26

5 years ago#2
I like the creepy atmosphere of the trailer. It definitely intrigues me about the rest of the game and what else there is.


Oh hai Pain! :D
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User Info: TehRYNOL

5 years ago#3
I'm only here for teh lulz.
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User Info: ZeroCals

5 years ago#4
Ugh. A board invasion?

Please leave. A lot of fans have really been looking forward to this game's release, and we don't need you people ruining things for us.

Battle for the Mole is a serious hobby for some of us... or was it Paddle with a Pole? ****, I forgot.

Sooo, who here likes bacon?
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User Info: SikkaSill

5 years ago#5
I wonder what type of game this is, kind of an amnesia feel?
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  3. The trailer looks interesting

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