Level 1, what am I missing

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User Info: RasnerAuthor

4 years ago#1
Okay, I have the Joker, and I am in the hidden room behind the wall. (found the secret passageway to it).

The game tells me that Joker can power up any switch. Also, on here, I read that Joker powers up the organ.

Yet, I have Joker walk up to the organ and nothing happens. How do you use him to power up the organ? Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Strangesounds

4 years ago#2
From my guide:

Minikit (47/150) - Before battling The Riddler, you've got a big puzzle to
solve. This one has caused a lot of people grief.
1. As General Zod - destroy the gold lock
2. As Cyborg - manipulate the blue bike in the closet to make a hole
fall into the hole - now walk to the left and climb the ladder
3. As Man-Bat - shatter the glass
4. As Joker - walk into the cage (looks like you can't, but you can)
and use the charger
5. As any character - step on the piano keys one at a time - step on
then step forward - then move on to the next key - the order of the
keys are RED / GREEN / YELLOW / BLUE / GREEN / RED / BLUE - if you
want to know why, look on the wall behind the piano and follow the
colors from left to right
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