Gold brick outside city hall

#1SealedswordPosted 6/24/2012 11:02:18 PM
I'm trying to find the last gold brick I need to get in gotham city, but it's not showing up even on the finder. I've flown around in vehicles and still haven't found any kind of race start point or anything like that. It's just south of the city hall building on the southern island, right along the walk way leading up to the terminal.
#2BrokenGruntyPosted 6/24/2012 11:23:58 PM
Are you talking about the Island Observatory? The one where you get Freeze?
#3EricDent1Posted 6/25/2012 12:00:15 AM
The 3 Gold Bricks near City Hall (according to the strategy guide).

1: suit route Robin (Hazard Suit) solve a simple hazard suit puzzle in the southwest corner.
2: suit route Robin (Magnet/Acrobat) north side of City Hall.
3: property damage destroy the circle of bushes in the southeast corner.

There is a Red Brick here as well, which you need The Riddler to open.

Plus you can fight Two-Face on top of the roof of City Hall.
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I had the same question and actually just remembered there being a race start point on the top of wayne tower. the end is just by city hall. it's been a few days since this was originally posted so you may have already figured that out but for other people that may need the answer, that's where it is.