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Lego batman 2 DC superheroes destination metropolis glitch (HELICOPTER) (Archived)Mr7omah4wk110/18 1:20PM
Alfred (Archived)Fennyariel14/17/2014
any way to clear the streets? (Archived)Chugster220414/15/2014
Its that D**n Level 8 glitch again! (Archived)Phoenix231253/29/2013
Can I ger Red Bricks Between Missions (Archived)seancass33110/6/2012
This is possibly the most glitchy game I have ever played. (Archived)akanakin48/20/2012
Co op glitch with Xbox controller? (Archived)theoneGE18/11/2012
stuck on level 2 the batwing part plz help! (Archived)danirocks28/1/2012
Ok...running as flash LAG (Archived)vegetunksfusion28/1/2012
Free Play with only one character? (Archived)elvisdumbledore28/1/2012
can i use controllers to play this game on pc (Archived)danirocks57/30/2012
Running as flash hard for you guys? (Archived)vegetunksfusion17/30/2012
Can I use two game pads to do two player? (Archived)X_200527/29/2012
Stuck On level 8 (Destination metropolis) - Due to a glitch HELP! (Archived)
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Free Play Level 1 Caution Spoilers (Archived)Nicholi112037/13/2012
Does anyone have a 100% save game they could upload? (Archived)Blondie29897/7/2012
Using a ps3 paddle and everything works fine but it won't rumble.. (Archived)Blueandwhite8717/7/2012
How do I clear that secret area? (Archived)JonathanLeung27/2/2012
Reproducible strangeness in 'secret level' (Archived)ckisme17/1/2012
Switching Characters (Archived)aestevalis_026/30/2012
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