After Lego: LotR, the next game should be...

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User Info: Ragiroth

4 years ago#11
I agree. There should be a lego Marvel game next in line. However though


Didn't the end of this kinda hint towards a sequel?


User Info: Sterculius

4 years ago#12
Marvel Super Heroes. Also Doctor Who or Ghostbusters would be awesome.

User Info: Cronosaber13

4 years ago#13
lego avatar

User Info: ElevenOhNoes

4 years ago#14
I'd love a Lego Ghostbusters :o

Lego Marvel would be cool. Can we just skip over LOTR trash and go straight to something interesting like this?
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User Info: prmtyme

4 years ago#15
I am waiting for lego walking dead!! lol
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User Info: Microstout

4 years ago#16
LEGO "Back to the Future"....would be a great tie-in if they ever made a reboot or sequel.

I think LEGO Ghostbusters would be cool.

The new LEGO sets that are "Monster" based make me think a game could be done based off those adventures as well.

User Info: schrodinger_cat

4 years ago#17

User Info: MetroidHunter13

4 years ago#18
lego xmen. seriously.

or lego punisher (haha) but either way i could get behind that 100% if it were to happen.
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User Info: st017

4 years ago#19
I like the ideas for marvel, jurassic park, back to the future, and ghost busters. I'd also love a lego game based on men in black.

I've heard some other crazy ideas like zelda and final fantasy, but I don't see how those would work.
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