Commissioner Gordon?

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User Info: tybry

4 years ago#1
Which mission and where and how in that mission can I find Commissioner Gordon?

User Info: arryl26

4 years ago#2
I'm wondering too. I am playing on the Vita and want to unlock Gordon for the achievement.
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User Info: prmtyme

4 years ago#4
I dont remember exactly but its one of the later levels
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User Info: arryl26

4 years ago#5
Anyone else? I'm really trying to platinum this game and have no clue where Gordon is (Vita version).

User Info: The-Apostle

4 years ago#6
I haven't played the Vita version (don't have a Vita) but if this one is like the DS version (as I've heard) then Gordon should be on the Assault on VTol level.
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User Info: st017

4 years ago#7
He's on Attack on the VTOL stage. I think you have to have aqua man to get him

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