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Time limit on completing the game? (Archived)jrsmaster41126/29/2013
My god is the late game dull (spoilers) (Archived)DevilKingZeon36/27/2013
Lots of pausing/lag during gameplay? (Archived)
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Am I missing something about how to play this game? (Archived)
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POLL: If they released the original X-COM: UFO Defense on PSN.... (Poll)
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Anybody having trouble downloading this game off psn? (Archived)Xanxus8746/24/2013
I really want to love this game... (Archived)Chaos_Dante_45646/23/2013
Ironman...... (Archived)Rolling_Stoned46/23/2013
Not bad for my first alien ship raid (Archived)Flamer_Blue66/22/2013
Does the PS Plus version come with the ability to fully customise squad armour? (Archived)DarkSymbiote96/21/2013
I need help...with easy mode. (Archived)toffifee46/21/2013
Game Alwayd Crashes when Playing Online (Archived)RealWreckless16/20/2013
Need Help With Trophy (Online) (Archived)Aisioux66/20/2013
It wasn't enough that you got your own game, you had to ruin ours. (Archived)Takuru66/19/2013
game wont start? (Archived)shadowcat216426/18/2013
Does this game have offline multiplayer? (Archived)Steven Tyler16/18/2013
how did this game get rated so highly when it's this bad?... (Archived)
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and now i want a version of this game with joes v. cobra (Archived)Cold_n_Tired36/17/2013
Seriously they need to patch the shield bull**** (Archived)Flamer_Blue86/17/2013
New to the game (Archived)bvanbove26/14/2013
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