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[10PM ET] Why we're restarting our XCom run tonight (22s VoD)Poochy81714/13 7:15PM
[10PM ET] Streaming Nightly XCom Long War IronMan Runs! Come join the chat TONIGPoochy81754/9 5:26PM
No sound when AI talks (Archived)EForce113/26 9:07AM
I got crit for 12 damage on the first turn of the first mission on classic. (Archived)Jaimsta23/16 11:01PM
What a buggy piece of crap (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Davjat223/15 9:57PM
Help for a new player (Archived)pyromanta52/23 9:19AM
If a soldier dies do I lose his gear? (Archived)roob_returns42/14 10:52AM
Firestorm + Plasma Cannon = best combo for interception? (Archived)JTsyo32/14 10:48AM
Psi question (Archived)Liger8188212/21 3:02PM
How to tell if you are in range of an alien (Archived)Radbot42411/5 3:25PM
Safe to remove Psionic lab facility? (Archived)NeilJWD211/4 4:15PM
Shredder rocket affects grenades (Archived)Lexar_111/3 11:26PM
Bubonic/Meet New People. Then Kill Them (Archived)Cyber_Cat211/2 1:50AM
What's a MEC units movement allowance please? (Archived)NeilJWD211/1 6:51PM
Secrets in this game? (Archived)Lordstaymot310/25 11:15PM
how to increase sattelite coverage? (Archived)itachi00310/25 4:02PM
Flanking, still bugged? enemy unknown and within question.... (Archived)Klyern410/15 3:17PM
R. I. P. Col. Lino 'Congo' Demnal *possible spoilers* (Archived)Lovlend210/10 11:19AM
Game is frozen looking at a truck in a escort mission (Archived)The Fir Coat37/30 8:51PM
How does this compare with Fire Emblem? (Archived)Parmpreet00147/18 10:35PM
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