XCOM on Three Moves Ahead

#1SpaceAgeSamuraiPosted 10/2/2012 9:58:28 PM
As I mentioned elsewhere, I've kind of stopped looking for new information on the game, but this landed in my podcast feed, and I thought others might be interested in it.


It's basically an hour-long conversation where Rob Zacny and Bruce Gheryk interview Jake Solomon and talk about their impressions of their time with the game. (It's, evidently, a preview build, but it's the whole game, not just a demo.)
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#2MortalDangerPosted 10/2/2012 10:08:27 PM
Eh, I've kinda written off info about the game. It's so close now, I'd rather just wait. I couldn't even watch the live stream. I am adverse to watching other people play. That and when news/info isn't in text format.
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#3giocarePosted 10/3/2012 1:55:54 AM
I listened to it earlier, it was nice to hear interviewers actually grill a developer instead of kissing ass.
#4DarktylPosted 10/3/2012 5:06:24 PM
They grilled the developers? Awesome, might be some good stuffs.
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#5SpaceAgeSamurai(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2012 9:09:23 PM(edited)
"Grilled" might be overselling it a bit, but it's definitely an actual interview and not simply a glorified press event. While Rob & Bruce were generally positive about the game, they didn't exactly pull punches when it came to the stuff they didn't.
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#6YokosoPosted 10/4/2012 6:24:04 AM
"they didn't exactly pull punches when it came to the stuff they didn't."

And yet they didnt ask him where did "PC-exclusive UI" vaporised to, and why a "remake" feels more like a boardgame, than a videogame.
#7lettiericPosted 10/5/2012 7:28:14 AM
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