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Purple dot next to Will stat? (Archived)Runite47/22/2013
I'm thinking about picking this game up. (Archived)MrFail77/22/2013
Should I give up? (Archived)benexclaimed97/22/2013
Does the enemy plateau eventually? (Archived)nurnberg67/21/2013
Slingshot Pack (Archived)Dark_Oblivion247/19/2013
How do you deal with enemies on overwatch? (Archived)nurnberg97/19/2013
What are some of the most useful research credits? (Archived)nurnberg37/19/2013
hating abduction missions (Archived)anondum27/17/2013
Is it me or there are bugged tiles on top of UFOs? (Archived)nurnberg47/16/2013
My computer locks up at a specific point in the tutorial. (Archived)OmfgitsBlah37/16/2013
Is there a point in saving more civilians? (Archived)nurnberg77/16/2013
How do you name your soldiers? [name sharing thread] (Archived)WarVeterinarian87/16/2013
Need advice about my second playthrough (Archived)Blaeu87/15/2013
Class & Impossible, which stat alterations do you see as unfair? (Archived)Uzamaki11757/15/2013
Things to make sure you have so you don't have to start the game over (Archived)retroGRAD387/14/2013
Is there any reason to use anything but Ghost Armor? (Archived)
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how far did your "1st" Soldier go? (Archived)AshleyTheTiger67/13/2013
Black Screening while in combat (Archived)Anenu17/13/2013
This game gets rediculously difficult (Archived)leon_trunks27/12/2013
I lost the game on the final mission :[ (Archived)B4TT3RY47/12/2013
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