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Has anyone made a air combat mod yet? (Archived)INSANEHYENA56/12/2013
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Been a while since I played. I have a simple question. (Archived)anonymous4677346/7/2013
Go Scanner with your snipers, disabling shot is bugged (Archived)w0 0t56/6/2013
Quick question regarding progression. (Archived)Rama_III36/5/2013
Do alot of people still play this game regularly? (Archived)Benjamin_Button106/5/2013
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Does Covering Fire neutralize enemy cover? (Archived)
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Getting the game to keep going when the window isn't selected? (Archived)DianWei3246/4/2013
Wow **** the Warspace Extension mod (Archived)lionheart565636/1/2013
About to buy this game sooner or later, just some questions about customization (Archived)WarVeterinarian35/31/2013
Can suppression be canceled by another? (Archived)w0 0t25/31/2013
Enemy AI in Xcom Explained (Archived)Apac424555/31/2013
New enemy idea: Infiltrator/Sympathizer (spoilers maybe) (Archived)gyrobot15/30/2013
What do the aliens say when they spot the soldiers? (Archived)AmephEstMako25/30/2013
What if they take this game engine and redo it in Starwars or some other theme? (Archived)
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