I have the strategy guide (spoilers)

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Ask whatever you want i will try and answer on lunch. Try to seer questions to game mechanics and skills rather than story but i put spoilers in the subject just in case
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Looking at the ability list here

There are a few abilities such as the Assaults "Killer Instinct" with incomplete descriptions and have question marks in place of actual numbers. Would it be possible using the guide to fill in the blanks?
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Wll look at noon est
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Are there alien types or species that haven't been revealed yet? Snakemen? Reapers?

Is the Arc Thrower the only way to stun and capture aliens?

What are the interceptors we can research and build?
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yes there is a beserker, etheral ( i was stoked), mutan elites you can upgrade the interceptors with new chassis and armorments. On punch i will make sure i didnt miss anything
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Killer instinct is 1 of the two perks for assult colonel skills to choose. It gives 50 percebt crit damage when run and gun is activated.
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There is a shiv that can stun enemies forgot the nane right now
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chrisfakk2 posted...
There is a shiv that can stun enemies forgot the nane right now

But no mention of the Stun Bomb Launcher? That was my favorite weapon after the Blaster Launcher.
I like to Break Down.
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Looking through class abilities but i dont see anything else for stun.
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Can you list the weapon types (shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle) and the classes that can equip them? You needn't list the variants, like plasma sniper rifle, but the basic model of each weapon would be nice. Thanks.