No evac zone?

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User Info: Caboose_3033

4 years ago#1
I was going through what was supposed to be an easy mission , lost my colonel and cpt snipers, and only have two people left, so i decide to abort the mission and hightail it out of there, but there's no evac zone, why XCOM why?!

User Info: Christopher_CCC

4 years ago#2
you have to return to the skyranger. There is a little box that you have to get every soldier in there if you want them to live
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User Info: Caboose_3033

4 years ago#3
that's the problem, the box ain't there...

User Info: abcefur

4 years ago#4
What mission is it? I'm not sure if the Base Assault, for example, has one...
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User Info: Caboose_3033

4 years ago#5
random abduction missions, nothing to special

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