Why does the game not allow me to select any of the 4 dlc characters?

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4 years ago#1
I just bought MK Komplete Edition yesterday cuz my roommate took off with my original MK copy and I never got any of the dlc. I get it home and everything is how its supposed to be with the game except theres no accessibility to any of the 4 dlc characters except in Necropolis where it displays the model and bio. The whole reason I bought the game was so I didnt have to buy the original and then purchase all the dlc content but it kinda stinks when I can't play as Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain or Freddy :(
4 years ago#2
Scroll down to Cyber Sub-zero. The characters will appear off to the side.
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4 years ago#3
Why you ppl keep making claims that the DLC is not in the disc?!
You are scaring me!!

I just need someone who has the damn Komplete MK9 to confirm EVERYTHING is on disc please!
I don't care about the song and the movie, of course i'm talking about the 4 characters and the costumes.
4 years ago#4
trust me Ive tried going down to Cyber Sub-Zero and nothing happens Ive never downloaded any of the dlc before so I dont know why its doing this I even tried it with another gamer profile that has no original MK save data and it still doesnt allow me to select any of the dlc characters :(
4 years ago#5
I have access to all the dlc costumes skins so pretty much its just the same game with the skins and Freddy Skarlet Kenshi and Rain are in Necropolis......whoop-dee-doo
4 years ago#6
Hey, I was having the same problem with this game until I tried something. You have to make sure the game, and any dlc associated with the game, is not installed to the hard drive. For some reason, the game doesn't recognize that you have the character dlc when it's installed. Hope this helps, it worked for me :).
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4 years ago#7
I don't throw away my money on that DLC scam, but i do like to install the games i play the most in my disc, so...

Are you telling me i have to erase my MK9 file from my disc for the system to recognize i have the "DLC" in this new Komplete version?

Why all these stupid and mediocre companies don't do their jobs as expected from their paying customers?!
If no one tells you this, you could end up jumping to a conclusion that the game is broken OR maybe even that you got a pirated copy or something like that, hehe! xP
4 years ago#8
No, what I'm saying is you have to delete the installed disc off of the hard drive for it to work, not the game save. Also, if the game is installed to the hard drive, it automatically puts the dlc onto the hard drive. You have to delete the dlc off of the hard drive and run everything directly off the disc for the character dlc to work.
GT: The Rabid Snook
4 years ago#9

Thanks for the help on this, it was annoying.. but I can confirm.. you need to delete the DLC from the hard drive... not the installed game.. just the dlc files and then it will all work.

4 years ago#10
Ok. You guys are making me not want to get the game. Sounds like a hassle.

Was hoping you buy the game, put it in, everythings on it.

But this.
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  3. Why does the game not allow me to select any of the 4 dlc characters?

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