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4 years ago#41
Hey Vincanity, I don't know what happened yesterday but I won't be able to play tonight. Will tomorrow work for you around 7ish again??
4 years ago#42
Let's bank on 8:30 I've got some errands to run after work today, let's get it knocked out so we can advance
Urban Renewal 2012!
4 years ago#43
Atleast everyone is being patient about advancing to week 5 lol
4 years ago#44
I am never patient.
4 years ago#45
Whenever we advance is cool with me. WMU is 4-0 so far even after a close one with UConn! Defense came up big with a couple picks to help us secure the win.
Ryan Fitch -- Mid-Atlantic Pro Wrestler
4 years ago#46
I don't know. I hate to complain, because it's a lot of fun when I get to play, but it just seems like I join dynasties that say 2 day advance and 3 day advance, and unless there is a plan in place to make it happen it doesn't.

I have played these things before and I know what happens when Madden comes out and school starts: people quit. If a guy is playing 3 dynasties he picks the best one and goes with it. The best one is likely the one that he is either winning the most in or has advanced farthest and is deeply entrenched in. I'd really like to see the ones I play in survive, so yeah, I'm a little impatient with 4 or 5 day stretches. Because in a month that 4 day stretch is going to be 8 or 10 days, and after a couple weeks of that, it'll be over.

How can this be solved? I don't know. I'm not the comissioner of any dynasty and don't want to be. Maybe a system where every game with the computer has to be played and every game with a human has to at least be scheduled by a certain day and time? Just an idea.

So I guess the point of this post is that I really want to play, and I hope it works out. I'm probably stepping on some toes here, but I hope I'm doing it gently. I know there isn't much reason for you guys to care what I want, but there you go.
4 years ago#47
Alright panther I get off work at 5:30 which puts me home at 6 and I'll be on waiting for you to get this game done so we can move this train along
Urban Renewal 2012!
4 years ago#48
I will be on at 6 for sure! sorry about got the best of me. Alright guys I plan on advancing tonight around 7:00 P.M. eastern. I apologize for this long wait to advance.
4 years ago#49
Alright bud sounds good catch you then
Urban Renewal 2012!
4 years ago#50
We advanced just so everyone knows
Urban Renewal 2012!
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