How do I play as a GM?

#1boomstickbhgPosted 8/29/2012 3:57:44 PM

I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere but there's only so much reading I can do on a PC.

I bought Madden this year because I played the previous 2 and have recently become a fan.

However the only mode I care about in sports games is the GM/Dynasty/Whatever mode where you make trades, build the team, draft etc...

Is there a version of that mode in this game? I assumed it would be like in previous years but I haven't been a fan long.

Hopefully I just don't understand the new layout and all the old features are in there somewhere.
#2gopanthers3Posted 8/29/2012 4:12:35 PM
Franchise mode is still in there. When you do the connected career you can choose between being a player (superstar mode) or a coach/GM (franchise mode).
#3boomstickbhg(Topic Creator)Posted 8/29/2012 5:06:20 PM
Thank you!

I think this game is good so far, I've played a few normal and some of the MUT and knew I could play as an individual player, but didn't realize the coach option included the old GM stuff.

Gonna give that a try now :)
#4Sidewinder-7Posted 8/29/2012 6:48:39 PM
Only thing is you are missing about half of the options and features from the classic franchise mode.