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4 years ago#1
So I'm EXTREMELY early into this board but I figured I would layout my hopes for NCAA Football 13. Here we go:

More team specific entrances. If you want realism add in all the teams, not just major programs.
Add in more mascots on the sideline. Seymour for Southern Miss has never been in but he's been around for years.
Either upgrade RTG or get rid of it completely. The AI is terrible. They made some improvements but its still so bare and terribad.
Sidelines that look next gen and not N64 quality. Number 9 shouldn't look like he is 350lbs.

And much more that I can't think of right now. What do you guys think or wish for?
Even with all its glitches, NCAA is still a really good game. Gotta love college football.
4 years ago#2
This is a little thing, but I think they should release new uniforms premiered during the year as some kind of free DLC. I think it's stupid we have to wait an entire year for a uniform a team wore LAST year.
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2011 New England Patriots: 13-3, AFC East Champions
4 years ago#3
I'm with pistol happy...

Unis get to me in this game. So many great ones released during the season... Though I don't trust ea doing dlc. I have a better idea. Let us make custom unis IN GAME, like a team builder thing for unis only. These would not replace in game unis only add to the options You could even do a uni share type thing like roster share. This would also keep dynasty fresher longer as you could evolve teams unis as years pass... This is big for me.

Few other things:

Enhanced crowd atmosphere, college environment and home field advantage... Those squiggly lines don't come close to doing this and should be the first thing scrapped if they can't improve crowd noise, atmosphere and such... The best thing about cfb is atmosphere. It should be the best part of this game WHILE PLAYING THE GAME. Not just during silly intros that no one watches more than once.

Improve the coaching carousel... Deepen it and have it truly impact dynasty.. You hire your staff, unit coaches ... Each coach should have attached ratings for player rating impact, recruiting skill and team discipline.... Player rating should be a given, most coaches will have no impact to negative impact, making hirings much more important if you want to coach a winner and much harder to maintain as good coaches will move on due to demand... It should be hard to achieve bcs staffs and harder to maintain them... This would add many more dimensions to dynasty... Recruiting impact, penalties will actually play a real part(explain in a second) , and a coaching carousel that truly matters...


Gameplay, ... No more super line backers. Screen and play action, read option and such that work on heisman, while also having better defenses against the things that work... More randomnesses and less robo reactions every time... Penalties need to play more a factor like in real life... The discipline rating from your staff determines the penalty occurrence.

Just my thoughts
4 years ago#4
Another thing that always bothered me gameplay-wise is improving the computer AI for running out of the shotgun. So many teams are doing this as a staple of their offense (namely Oregon) and when the computer can't get consistent yardage this way, it really detracts from the realism.
2011 Oklahoma State Cowboys: 12-1, Big 12 Champions, 2012 Fiesta Bowl Champions
2011 New England Patriots: 13-3, AFC East Champions
4 years ago#5
Revamped Create a Playbook.
-I actually want to build my own playbook from the ground up instead of just making edits to other playbooks.
-I hate being stuck with some formations and plays in certain playbooks and I hate not being able to include some formations unless you use that as your base playbook.
-More formations even if rarely used, Split backs could use some work, Full House could use a Normal and Tight variant. Power T formation was left out completely and I know I've seen USF use it this year.
-There should be an I-form variant of the normal goalline formation that has pass plays that aren't play action like how Stanford used it this year.

-Schedule neutral site games
-Realistic scheduling where if you scheduled a 4 star or better team, you would be expected to return the favor. (optional)

-Coaching changes that make sense. Its just dumb when Alabama fires Nick Saban after an 8-5 season only to hire New Mexico State's OC when they just went 2-10.
-Assistant coaches should make sense too. Its ridiculous when someone like Bobby Petrino hires an OC that runs the option and the teams playbook just switches to the option. Offensive minded coaches should search for coordinators that fit their style and the team playbook should stay with what the head coach has. Same with someone like Nick Saban hiring a 4-2-5 coach and they just switch. It would never happen.

-Gameplay, super LBs need to go. I don't want a game that is overly pass happy, but they've gone too far in this. Maybe changing the trajectory of the football thrown would help so that the ball is a little higher in the air when throwing to somebody 10-15 yards behind the zone LB.

-Be cool if you could use Teambuilder to create new uniforms for your team and just add them in with the regular ones instead of creating a new team.

-I still want FCS schools, but I know its not likely.
4 years ago#6
The one thing I've always wanted to have in ANY NCAA Football game is a good RPG element... like bring in the FCS and add Dynasty Mode specifically for that as well... BUT... add the ability to recruit 1-A talent. Also, for me, give me a REASON to play as Appalachian State or even Portland State, say, maybe make it so if I win 4 or 5 FCS National Championships in 10 years, make the option available to hop up to 1-A ball and continue my dynasty there. Bring back the players "screwing up" and possible NCAA violations for player ethics, that was a good one that was in a previous edition so that way it'll force players of the game to make adjustments for situations other than just injuries.
4 years ago#7
Add more jersey's, pants, and add shoes that are team colors home and away.

Can we please get some stickers on the helmets too, they had stickers for created teams all the way back in 2004.

I really like they way they changed up the tackling now they just need to improve it some more by looking back at 2011 where you can get hit start flicking the the right stick to break out of the tackle.

This would make it easier to break tackles because on Heisman even against a FCS school it is so hard to break a tackle even if the guy is perfect.
4 years ago#8
I would like maximum customization in dynasty, meaning I can rename bowl games (Beef O'Brady's bowl bugs the crap out of me) and also which conferences can go to each bowl game. In my dynasty on NCAA 12 I have super conferences with the big 6 so conferences like the Sun Belt and WAC are irrelevant. Bowl games wouldn't want those teams. Also possible mergers like what Conference USA and MWC are considering doing. Maybe even the option to customize conference names too.
AND I quote....
4 years ago#9
Gameplay is the only thing they need to work on

who gives a s*** what the team entrance is or how the game atmosphere is.. thats the last thing on my mind when i see power backs and speed backs with the exact same running style, or WRs that don't even try to go up and catch the ball, or lineman falling down on the snap, or linebackers jumping 6ft in the air, or the DBs knowing the play on the snap

everything is the exact same, team styles don't matter at all, schools dont recruit for there team style, 3-4 DEs and 4-3 DEs are the exact same, player weight has no effect at all, ratings do not matter, etc, etc

fix the damn gameplay
I don't always talk about paradoxes, but when I do, I don't.
4 years ago#10
Number ONE wish...

Allow companies other than EA to produce college/professional football games.

This game has become awful. Used to love it.

Competition breeds excellence.

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