worst teams to start with

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(yes I now I posted this in another topic but I thought it deserved its own)

If you are one of those people that likes to take over the worst teams I made an easy breakdown for you outside of the ratings of overall, offense, defense and special teams.

The cupcake roster in teambuilder has 7 players in the 70's and 2 in the 80's. By that measuring stick I would say that you can consider Akron, FAU, Memphis, NM. St, Umass, UTSA and Texas St. to be considered "cupcakes."

Umass has 3 players in the 70's, all linemen.

UTSA has 8 players in the 70's and one in the 80's! QB is 78 (spd 83)! This could be fun!

Texas State has 13 players in the 70's.

UAB has 17 players in the 70's and 1 player in the 80's.

Tulane has 11 players in the 70's and 1 player in the 80's.

New Mexico State has 9 players in the 70's and 1 player in the 80's.

New Mexico has 12 players in the 70's and 1 player rated 80.

UNLV has 12 players in the 70's and their punter in the 80's

Memphis has 9 players in the 70's.

FAU has 7 players in the 70's and 1 player in the 80's.

Akron has 7 players in the 70's and 2 players in the 80's.

Minnesota (appears) to be the worst large school with 36 players in the 70's and 3 players in the 80's.
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If you win with them it's an accomplishment in itself.
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Florida Atlantic is hard to win with. Most years I pick them, I live in Boca Raton and am an Owl fan. If you have a spare moment check out how badly EA degraded the players from last year. Comparing the same players that were in '12 its rediculous. After a 1 win season I guess they figure they got a lot worse, I don't know, seems stupid. De'Andre Richardson (WR #2) in actuality a speed receiver is now absurdly slow. Stephen Curtis (QB #10) is a scrambler but now there is no way to run with him. I'll be playing with UT San Antonio this year...Thanks EA.
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Schools in Florida, California, Texas, and Ohio have a natural advantage because they nearly always start with a pipeline there. UMass is probably the most screwed.
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Im surprised nobody mentioned the University of Buffalo. They are my dynasty team every year. They have a running back rated @ 90 ovr, but its a tough road ahead from there. They have pipelines in fl, oh, md, pa, and 3 players from cal. they are always a challenge early on, but the rest of the mac recruits 1* and 2* guys, whereas the absurd # of 3* recruits available makes it easy to pull off ridiculous classes compared to what you should be getting in real life.

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Idaho is always a challenge too. Any decent recruits in the area are going to go to Boise or the Oregon and Washington schools.