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4 years ago#1
Guys, I can't shed a block for a sack at all. In Madden 12, as soon as the QB snapped the ball, I could flick down (or right or left) on the right thumb stick and sometimes get a sack. Even after tweaking the sliders I can't do it. So yes, I know I'm bad at it, but my question is did the controls change? How, EXACTLY, do you guys shed a block and get a sack? Thanks in advance! BTW, i even looked up the controls in the demo and it just says to use the right thumb stick, but how?
4 years ago#2
Joe Flacco 'check-down' Tracker
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4 years ago#3
Really? I just confirmed in the Control menu in the demo that those buttons (and triggers) are "unused" for "defense engaged". It just shows the right thumbstick, that is all.
4 years ago#4
Anyone else? Thoughts?
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