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4 years ago#1
Any thoughts on this? I tend to play a 4-3, and online I've noticed that a lot of people basically run a 4 play offense:

I-formation, two WR to one side, TE on opposite
1) Run to the TE side. Right straight towards LOS, cut outside and try to outrun LBs to corner.

2) Pass to slot WR, Flag route.

4 WR, 1 HB shotgun formation.
3) Slot WRs run flag routes, Flanker runs a drag.

4) HB draw.

As far as 1) goes, there doesn't seem to be a consistent way to get penetration on the play side to blow it up. The little run up the middle draws in the AI, then when they bounce it outside they can usually out run the OLB or he'll be blocked by the TE. Usering the safety helps but is extremely risky. If he misses, it's a 6 point play.

2) I can usually stop this if I predict it. Shifting a Cover 2 safety towards the sidelines usually gets them close enough to jump the flag route.

3) This one is the most consistent killer. If I drop the DB into a zone to take away the flag, the WR will run right under the LBs. If I stay in man, the flag route will defeat my coverage frequently. Cover 4 helps but leaves me extremely vulnerable to 4)

What do you guys think? Should I move to the 3-4 to slow these down? Any good combo defenses you can think of?
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4 years ago#2
i run nickel 2 man under a lot and it works out 80% of the time for me
4 years ago#3
KoRiy5000 posted...
i run nickel 2 man under a lot and it works out 80% of the time for me

From the 4-2 front or the 3-3 front?
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4 years ago#4
I tend to rush the outside only, less chance of getting caught up in the wash, the dime all out works well
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4 years ago#5
For #1 I usually blitz the OLB, hot route the D-Line to slant to the side they're running and user control the SS to make the tackle.
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4 years ago#6
For plays that look like runs to a single side I usually use run commit to that side. If there are a ton of wrs then pass commit.
If its a pass though and you commit to the run I would control a safety and play deep because you will get burned otherwise.

For the other play I would find a play that has man on the outside and on the slot and use lbs and safetys on zone. Control the mlb and play close to the los. Also putting heat on the qb may help. A crash blitz is good for that.

Another tip use a crash blitz to one side, run commit to that side, use man coverage for your corners, and control the safety and play zone. Your whole defense will run to that side and put incredible heat on the qb but be careful because a run to the other side maybe a td.
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4 years ago#7
IlluminatusCU posted...
KoRiy5000 posted...
i run nickel 2 man under a lot and it works out 80% of the time for me

From the 4-2 front or the 3-3 front?

the 4-2
4 years ago#8
Thanks, gonna lab it a little when I get home.
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4 years ago#9
You can only run specific defensive plays till you get to level 4 online. After that you'll be slaughtered by people if you don't know what you're calling.

The people who are really good at the game are at least at level 5, but the super cheesers lurk around there too and when you run into one of them it really sucks.

I'm at level 8 right now and have encountered less and less cheese. People who are this high are typically(as of now) people who know how to stop the cheesers so they won't advance, but you'll still run into an ungodly person using the Panthers or another crazy fast team.
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