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4 years ago#1
Topic, rate the best heroes you think and why!!!
4 years ago#2

Depends on your play style; these are the ones that stand out to me:

Offensive - Hulk, Wolverine, War Machine - high output, high crits; Wolvie and Hulk both have their stacking multipliers (bleed and Hulk up, respectively), War Machine is extremely useful against Blasters or with the 'Tactical Strike' add-on. Hulk or War Machine can demolish opponents in just a couple rounds.. Wolvie as an Ilfiltrator (alt. costume) is extremely effective.

Defensive - Invisible Woman, Spider-Man - Invisible Woman can shield the entire team for two straight run-throughs as well as make hereself invisible, her level 1 attack is pretty good too but I most often use her for defence. Spider-Man has Spidey Sense as well as a couple passive abilities that add counter-attacks and high Evasion stats. Neither of these heroes should ever die on you if used correctly and will keep your team protected as well (especially Invisible Woman).

Tactical -Iron Fist, Daredevil - Daredevil's 'Radar' works pretty much like Spider-Man's 'Spidey-Sense' and 'Great Responsibilty' combined and also gives an offensive boost. Iron Fist has an ability that increases his stats and can also refill about half the HP of any of your teammates (including himself). Both have really good offensive attacks as well.

Well-Rounded - Captain America, Dr. Strange - Great attacks, great defense, good for any situation; both have group attacks, single attacks and defensive buffs; Strange has a buff that gives every player on the team around 120 HP each turn for three rounds, Cap has a defense buff that protects allies and then counters..

Honorable Mention - Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Cyclops, Colossus - all really good characters (and are all low cost); all have decent output, the ladies both have double-attack priviledges while Cyke is more well-rounded with a good buff and team attack. Colossus is a good team defendor and is immune to bleed. Oh, yeah... Ms. Marvel's level 9 buff is ridiculous! her increased output and immunity to energy attacks.

4 years ago#3
So you say Wolverine and Hulk are on pair?
4 years ago#4

If you're looking at strictly output, Hulk is #1. Every time he is attacked, even by a Blaster, he gains 'Hulk Up' which is a strength multiplier. I just faced Hulk in a battle a bit ago and he hit my Agent with a 1260 point crit K.O... I took him out after that with Cap and Spidey (Spidey didn't have a scratch on him by the end of the match). Wolverine benefits from his bleed multiplier and healing which makes him fearsome but if you're in PVP, the player can always use 'hemostatic' or 'coagulator'' and bleed has no effect. I see a lot of Hulk/Wolverine teams in PVP... Hulk/Spidey... Spidey/War Machine... Iron Fist/Wolverine...

Personally, I use Captain America and Spider-Man with my Agent as a Scrapper.. Invisible Woman, Daredevil or Spider-Man will pretty much nullify Hulk; Colossus is the best to counter Wolverine.

Oh, yeah... they just upgraded Cap and Thor today, now Cap always leads off (gets the first turn) and passively boosts the stats of every player on your team.. (I don't have Thor yet but he seemed to be the weakest of the Premium heroes available before the update)

4 years ago#5
Uh what level are you?
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber
4 years ago#6
I agree with Thor being the weakest last tier hero... U saying in captain america upgrade, i have Dr. Strange and was thinking in a combo, Captain lvl 9 protect allies and counter attacks, and Dr. Strange lvl 9 gives a protection for 2 rounds, may be a great combo... =D
4 years ago#7
Hulk is the best character. Period. He is far stronger than any of the others, he can one-shot enemies and bosses when his Hulk-up stacks hit max (especially if enraged). Depending on his buffs, debuffs on the enemy, stacks, etc. he can do anywhere from 1000-5000+ in a single hit with Hulk Smash.

Warmachine is very powerful as well. Unfortunately, his crazy minigun barrage was nerfed with the latest update, but his single-target killing power wasn't affected really. He is one of the hardest hitting characters in the game.

Spider-man had some adjustments made as well, including a change to a couple of his powers and a small decrease to his main attack's damage. Regardless, he is still a very effective hero and his high evasion, ability to protect teammates, and extra turns make him one of the best still.

Thor and Captain America were lacking but have been improved with the recent patch. Cap now almost always acts first in a battle and when he does he gives the entire team a stat bonus (with a level 43 agent, level 5 Cap, it's about +15 to all stats). It's nothing insane, but it's a nice little boost. His damage has also been increased. Thor got a much bigger change and had some powers switched around as well as gaining a cool passive and being able to gain and expend the "might of mjolnir" buff for additional damage. He can now hit really hard if he has a turn or two to build up his power. He is way better than he was before.

Wolverine is good offensively, assuming the enemies are not immune to bleed, but he isn't really on par with the others after these new adjustments. Many players agree that Daredevil is a superior Scrapper. Not necessarily because he does more damage, but because his Radar Sense power is useful and lets him counter frequently, he applies debuffs that few/no enemies are immune to, and he can hit obscured targets.

As far as the cheap characters go, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are widely known as the heavy hitters. It's too bad they lowered the hit chance on She-Hulk's stun move though.

I would also recommend Dr. Strange for his good damage output and versatility. He is one of the very few characters that can heal the party which makes him very valuable. He can also shield an ally or do damage over time to the entire enemy team.
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4 years ago#8
Actually, Spiderman's damage has been increased, as long as you use his web slingshot properly (says on the description how to do that). Spider sense's evasion bonus has also been increased from 50% to about 75%.
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber
4 years ago#9

Did they just flip-flop Cyclops' lvl 2 and 6 powers or did they change something..? I know something's off but I can't pin it?

4 years ago#10
Almost getting my first 90 command point hero and too hard to choose, i am between spider, captain america and hulk

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