This gift limit is killing me

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4 years ago#1
OK so i just added a handful of people to give me more allies, but since everyone sends you stuff, i keep having like 100 gifts everyday, and since you can only accept 50 in a day, its getting kind of crappy. ive had to, here and there, NOT return the favor just so i dont get bogged down with too much stuff.

change that limit to 100 at least damnit!
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4 years ago#2
I don't think they'll ever change the gift limit. A lot of people have complained about it. I was thinking they should do it for certain days like 2x limit on weekends or something.
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4 years ago#3
All the gifts are pretty useless anyway... Well, I guess except the Unstable ISO right now...
4 years ago#4
I only except energy as a gift. More turns is always good. I don't even accept unstable ISO since there's no way I'll be able to unlock Mockingbird.
"Wow, Chicago, you've won four Stanley Cups? Me too! - Kris Draper
4 years ago#5
Unlocking MB is easy. I got her last night. The char I got her with started with 400, and I didn't buy any extra. Everything else came as random drop from pve and pvp fights, and gifts. She is only level 3 right now, but so far so good. 16 days left to get her on my account that only started with 200 U-ISO8.
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4 years ago#6
How did u start with 200 unstable iso8s? I have 58 and that's from figts and friends sending them to me for weeks now. Lol add that to only 60 energy every 6 hrs and that sucks. Do u have to 5 star all 3 missions for mocking bird? Or just 1 star each one?
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4 years ago#7
5 star all 3. And you should have gotten 200 unstable iso8 thingies from the jump.
4 years ago#8
The majority of the gaming base got 65 U-ISO from the start, som got 200 and some 500, but regardless, it is possible to get her without gold
4 years ago#9
im confused.. if u 5 star all 3 spec ops.. whats the point of getting 200 unstable iso8s? i want 200 so i CAN get 5 star in all 3. lol when i started playing i got no unstable is08s. only what i had already received from friends and in battles.
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4 years ago#10
also.. wow theyre desperately making people spend real world money on this game. lol i refuse to but i just clicked the ? on mocking bird in spec ops and it says once it expires that "flavor" of unstable iso8 goes too.. soo the 60 or so i have now becomes useless? wow, wasted my time having friends send it to me.

and with the energy limit the way it is it takes 50 minutes to get 10 energy. with 60 being the cap (which should go up as you level up but whatever), that means its roughly 5 or so hours before im maxed out and can play more... so i play like 6 missions then have to wait 6 hrs unless im lucky enough to have leveled up? yipes.

well it'll get people playing for a while thats for sure. thats what i get for getting addicted to a browser game. I mean i'd love to sit here and play it for hours like a REAL game, not 15 min and then 6 hours later play for 15 min again. But i guess the point is they want to make money, and i guess i should just realize that.
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