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4 years ago#11
wykdjester posted...
There is a ? above the news feed, when you go to select a mission. Thats the roulette, the first one is free then it's 5 gold for every try after that.

Nope. No "?" for me...
4 years ago#12
go into the mission select, not out on the helicarrier. there should be a ? above the news radio tower icon there.
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4 years ago#13
3 90cp heroes is really a lot esp since i got thor+costume the day before SO3 got announced. Also dont like how spec ops stuff always throw exp at you. Btw anyone got magiks move set?
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4 years ago#14
shadowtemari posted...
Btw anyone got magiks move set?

Go to TEAM. She is the last character. Hover over the moves for descriptions. Looks promising.
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4 years ago#15
aRealCoolGuy posted...
It's only 25 Gold to bypass the Epic Boss missions. So... I will definitely do that instead of recruiting Rogue and Nightcrawler...

I have 38 gold so I might have to do this since there's no way I'll be able to save up 230 CP to buy Rogue, Black Panther, and Nightcrawler
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4 years ago#16
wykdjester posted...
go into the mission select, not out on the helicarrier. there should be a ? above the news radio tower icon there.

Nope. I've seen the photos; I don't have that in my game...
4 years ago#17
aRealCoolGuy posted...
Damien747 posted...
Yup. It popped up for me when I opened the game this morning.

What link did you take to open the game?

I just claimed a bonus off my FB wall and once I closed off the news section to go to the flight deck, it popped up. I heard there was a few people having problems getting it to show up though. It's just a bug, and it should be taken care of quick because it's a new feature.
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4 years ago#18
I think those that are having the problem should get the 250 or 1000 x Iso's as a We are Sorry for the inconvience. I mean hey the rest of us are getting it, those having difficulty should get a little something for being behind.
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