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red hulk, cable, and more coming

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4 years ago#1
from today nycc

@Andre Yep, we've got a ton of new characters and new costumes coming out soon, and they're always developing more content. New characters include Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, Psylocke, Cable, a Grey Hulk alternate costume...we'll have a full gallery for you shortly on!
4 years ago#2
ghost rider is for spec ops 4
here is link with pics of new characters x-23 looks nice
4 years ago#3
Fans of the hit Facebook game "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" got a sneak peek of exciting new content at today's Marvel Games panel at New York Comic Con, including news on Special Operation 4, all-new characters and new costumes for your favorite heroes!
Ghost Rider character model from "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

It's going to be a crazy ride in Special Operation 4 as New York becomes the center of a demonic infestation led by Baron Mordo and Satana. Only by teaming up with Ghost Rider can you save the city and uncover the true culprit behind the attacks, Mephisto! Upon completion and rescue of New York, players will be able to unlock and add Ghost Rider to their arsenal.

Ten exciting new characters were also announced to make their debut in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance," including Black Knight, Cable, Captain Britain, Daimon Hellstrom, Doctor Voodoo, Moon Knight, Psylocke, Red Huik, Vision, and X-23!

Players will also be able to get new costumes for Hulk, Magik, Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Thor! Check out our full gallery of character images below, and join in the fun now with "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"!

More on
4 years ago#4
Whoo Hoo Vision and Black Knight!!! Others are kind of Meh, except that Grey Hulk costume all it needs is a Zoot Suit and Boom Joe Fixit is here!
Secret Ninja Art: Dark Lotus
4 years ago#5
for me Cable, Moon Knight, Psylocke
I'll buy Scarlet Witch alt if it has a great ability or changes her from blaster.
Thors alt i dont know i have modern armor thor wonder if this new costume is just a costume or if it has an ability i want beta ray bill costume though
4 years ago#6
so with iron fist and strange getting defenders outfits, is safe to say most secret avengers like venom and x-force team ups are possible/
4 years ago#7
Thanks for the news, Josh! Lots of treats in store for us.
4 years ago#8
Guessing we'll need about half those new characters to unlock Ghost Rider.
4 years ago#9
At least Voodoo and Hellstrom, i'd imagine. Probably Doc Strange as well.
Secret Ninja Art: Dark Lotus
4 years ago#10
Damn, lots of good ones are coming. Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Psylocke, Red Hulk, I want all of those ones haha. No doubt now, better hold on to all CP and future CP as I'm going to need them in the coming months ugh. Really wish I would have CP farmed more back then when we could dammit.
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