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4 years ago#1
I just went on, and in my recent news feed, it just popped up that i got to a total of level 4 (this never popped up before, and I never got any of the rewards before) and said I gained a total of 10 SHIELD points, 5 CP, and 30,000 silver...but none of those are showing up. I even went to the Marvel XP tab to look, and nothing.
Is there something specific I need to do to claim it? Or did it glitch maybe? I'm sure I would've noticed getting any of those, especially the CP, seeing as I don't have a whole bunch, so 5 would be quite "a lot".
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4 years ago#2
Yeah, I am in the same boat.
4 years ago#3
They're automatically added to you account. You shouldn't have to do anything.
4 years ago#4
Yeah, they just dump the stuff automatically. You might need to wait for a bit, though. I just realized I got my Das Boot when I was looking for something else to equip.
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4 years ago#5
I just noticed that I got Ironman's Mark 5 available to me!! likely from defeating Hulkbuster :)

Now my question is regarding getting MB: Do I have to beat Taskmaster 3x without going back to town (i.e. fight Taskmaster Lv 25, Lv 50, Lv 75)?

or can i just do it 3 separate times (i.e. fight Taskmaster Lv25 3x)?

I've beaten Lv 25 and Lv50 Taskmaster... I know it'll be a struggle to win against Lv 75 since he'll just 1-hit KO with any attack.
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4 years ago#6
nevermind... spammed my valor heal kit and just spammed cap's 1st power and i defeated Taskmaster Lv 75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall have MB in my roster soon :D
... assuming that's how you get MB achievement.
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4 years ago#7

they say Taskmaster needs to be defeated 3x in a row without losing... :(

ok, well got me a strategy now.
for those of you playing Initiative and on the same task: buy those valor augments and valor heal packs and just spam from the beginning of the fight. switch to hulk if you need more iso to farm.
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4 years ago#8
defeated Taskmaster 3x in a row

Free MB achievement received... now waiting for MB in MAA :D

Soon, my hero collection will be complete Bwahahaha!
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4 years ago#9
how long would you say it takes to get to taskmaster? and it has to be done in captain america's mission, right? I want to work on getting mockingbird, but I want to know what the time investment will look like.

Also, how do you connect avengers initiative to the same marvel xp account as avengers alliance? I started playing initiative but there was no prompt or option to link to an xp account. my game center account uses the same email as my fb account - is that enough?
4 years ago#10
i'd say somewhere between 5-8 battles before taskmaster shows up. i was level ~18-20 when i beat him 3x in a row when i learned to just spam Justice.

if i remember correctly, when i first signed up on MXP through MAA on FB, I had to type in an email address (didn't have to be the same as my FB email address). I forgot how I logged in to MXP in Initiative... if they prompted me to log in through FB or if i had to enter an email address. If through FB, then I think that should be enough... if they asked for email, then I probably used the same email that i used to sign up for MXP in MAA.

either way, if you go to MAA, you should see progress in MXP (i.e. MXP Lv top right corner of screen) if you've been playing Initiative for a while now.
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