How many of you have actually made it into the Wine Cellar?

#1TheEvilMushroomPosted 3/3/2012 7:53:38 PM
I've only made it to Onyx once and I fled due to near death.

Right now i'm leveling my rogue and will try to take down some Lesser Gods for gear and I'm trying to get into some dungeons as well.
I'm hoping I will eventually get to the point where I can get into a group that can manage to take down Onyx...But then its a matter of whether or not I have the key to get INTO the Wine Cellar :/
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#2GodTazPosted 3/3/2012 8:22:47 PM
Personally my plan of approach for new chars is,

1. Level 1 ~ 15
A. Join an exp train

2. 15 ~ 20
A. Go after Cyclops Gods for gear, the chests tend to have some good stuff. If you're a rogue, you can take great advantage of your cloak ability by running past cyclops, grabbing loot from the chest, and then hopping into another world.
B. Jump straight to Gods, cling to a group until I pick up some secondhand gears / soulbounds if I'm lucky, or otherwise solo if I've picked up some good stuff of my own

Every time I've tried hunting lesser gods, I've ended up either totally wasting my time, or repeatedly come way closer to death than makes me feel comfortable. Gods are so much easier to manage by comparison to the swarms of little guys that chill with lessers.
#3slvrmsngrPosted 3/6/2012 2:04:10 AM
I've been there with my own incs and with others' (and a few lucky public incs).

It's very hard and if you aren't at least partially maxed, you'll probably die.

Also, if you're maxed and it's your first time, you should stand back and just watch the Oryx2 fight to learn about his attacks (or at least watch some on Youtube) before fighting him. He's very deadly.
#4thecrossnkightPosted 3/10/2012 12:46:04 AM
Levels 1-5 just follow the quests (especially if you have some old gear to start with)

Immediately teleport to a godlands mob (at level 5 most classes can take 3 bullets there) 8 gods = a level up. It'll take 15 minutes to hit 20. Hit your nexus key if you're sub half life.

The wine cellar is really just a bit more painful version of oryx's castle. The only really dangerous thing is the 'confusarangs' that are all over the place. The rest deals minimal damage to a maxed def character, and even an unmaxed will be fine if he watches where he or she steps.
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#5tony8669Posted 3/10/2012 3:24:24 PM
I was down there twice, but ended up leaving. I didn't have great gear and had just got my character to 20, so I was a bit intimidated.