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4 years ago#1
Courtesy of animesuki forums it seems the first prologue mission invest the playablilty of code geass season 1 finale
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4 years ago#2
Yeah; first one is Code Geass, second one is Gundam 00 (I think), and last one is Getter Robo/Gurren Lagann.
4 years ago#3
Stage one is called fighting girl and its an obvious reference to ester
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4 years ago#4
Prologue 1: Black Rebellion
Prologue 2: Gundam (something) [looks like something like "Destruction Order"; probably 00, since the Ptolemy needs to get sacked]
Prologue 3: (can't see, but I'd swear it's "Last day of the World" i.e. Getter Armageddon)

Stage 1: Fighting Girl
Stage 2: Runaway (something)
Stage 3: The Messenger(?) of the Sun: Tetsujin 28

Then bloody 4 way branch.
4 years ago#5
@Cash can you try to to translate the route splits of stage 4a b c d
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4 years ago#6
4 way split!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
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4 years ago#7
lingeringtides posted...
@Cash can you try to to translate the route splits?

[I can't see the names of the routes in the colored strips]

Blue split) [I think it says "Japan" route; this Japan being the Japan of stuff like Dai-Guard and not Area 11 Japan]
Takeo General Company (Something) [Takeo General Company = Trider G7]
(cannot read)

Red split) [I "think" it says "Space Route" for this i.e. Macross Frontier route]
Second Coming [of Basara?]
Twinkle Star

Green split) [Gundam route]
(Something) Soldiers
OZ and A-Laws

Purple split) [VOTOMs route
Assenbul EX-10
(can't see first kanji)
4 years ago#8
SR/Japan route first, can't really decide Wing or Frontier should I play first, and CG+Votom will be the last for me :D

And still no information about Esther and Marilyn VA, eh? Though I remember back then on Hakai Hen we only get information about Crowe and Traia (plus Blaster) nothing about new OG enemy character...
4 years ago#9
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4 years ago#10
Now I'm torn. I love the Kummen arc in votoms so I think I should follow that split. However Frontier was my main series in Z2 hakai hen. Hard decisions. Atleast it's great for replayability
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