So what notable crossover interactions in this game? (spoilers)

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Necronmon posted...
One thing that has not been addressed, how do they address the part in Gurren Lugan when Simon gets jailed and nearly executed? Does anyone call out the backstabbers for being idiots like they do with the Black Knight betrayl?

Obligatory Black Knight doesnt betray Shinobu joke

Im guessing that they are divided
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It gets interrupted before too long by Timp, Beck, and Kan Yu busting out of prison with help from Marilyn, and ZEXIS is too busy slaughtering DAMONs to worry about Rossiu.

After that Rossiu 'punishes' Simon by temporarily exiling him from Kamina City, AKA joining ZEXIS to save the world.
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Michel's quote to Anew was spoken by Lasse on the show.

In the Zero vs Zero stage, if you attack Heero with Basara, Heero will lose some of his will to fight.

Not really a crossover, but on the stage where you start with 70 morale, if you attack the boss with any character, they'll say something they fear the most (before the attack), and will overcome this fear (after the attack). They usually have fear/sadness of dead ones, or something they don't want to happen (being abandoned).
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Gundam 00 finale.

During the part where everyone is calling out to the 'people' precious to them (Lockon->Anew, Soma->Sergei, etc.), Crowe joins in with "paying back my depts."

Bad part is that the timing of Crowe's line. They really should've put it next to Tieria's and Setsuna's lines.
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VeonVoid posted...
Apparently Heero is the only non Code Geass character to know Zero's true identity is Lelouch before the big reveal. In Stage 38 where Jeremiah comes back, Heero and the Wing Zero is the only unit that tags along with the Code Geass group while everyone else including all the Wing Boys go to the Dark Continent.

Also Amuro and Ribbons have combat dialogue when fighting each other.

Lelouch requested Heero to tag along.
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If you save Shirley, two other characters (and later another one) will also know Zero's identity.

Reborns has dialogue against Char Aznable too. AKAI SUISEI KA!
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Reborns dialogue against Gundam people:
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Solo_Hunter posted...
If you save Shirley, two other characters (and later another one) will also know Zero's identity.

Reborns has dialogue against Char Aznable too. AKAI SUISEI KA!

But let me guess, he doesn't have any (voiced) lines against Ribbons?
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No, his VA didn't record any new lines for the game. Usually everyone who recorded new lines (even if it was for other characters) will have new lines. The ones I remember:

- Kira Yamato (he also voices Brera and Gino) - they have a quote against each other
- Amuro Ray (against A-LAWS, Treize, Reborns) - he also voices Reborns
- Apollo
- Setsuko
- Rand

People who didn't record new lines in a loooooooooong time:
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Were there any special lines in Z2-1 between

Alto and Graham (same seiyu)
Ozma or Kamina vs Johnny Trinity (same seiyu)
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