Where are all the hidden items?

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3 years ago#1
None of the FAQs have any of them listed. I know of a few, but I figure we can list all of them here.

Stage 1, just to the right of Bongo's Tree after the firemen. Jump attack to get a broom.
Stage 2, at the start, near the train in the background. Jump attack to get an apple.
Stage 2, to the right of Bongo's doors. Jump attack to get a slingshot (although the hammer is better, this can be useful for multiple players).
Stage 3, near the beginning. Jump attack near the cross in the background to get a foot item.
Stage 5, the first opportunity to take the upper path, stand just on the edge and face left. Do a standing attack to the empty air to get an orange.
Stage 6, I'm unsure of how to trigger this, but you can get 2 food items out of the eyes of the moon somehow.
Stage 8, jump attack slightly to the right of Mr. Burns shortly after he appears. I haven't tried to trigger this one while Smithers is alive. I think you get a burger for this one.

I'm sure there are others, but these are the only ones I've been able to find.
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3 years ago#2
Stage 1: it requires 2 ppl but if you stand in front of the police car and both lift plus hit aqttack you will eventually lift it up and toss it aside.

Stage 2: where the eyes on the tent are just before you get to the boss, if you jump attack the eyes, you can get an orange for each eye.

Stage 3: when you start the stage, if you go to the top left-most spot and jump attack on the highest point of the tree, you will get a turkey.

Stage 3: when you come across in the background where 3 trees sit in a row, the low part of the middle tree has an apple when you jump attack.

Stage 3: im not sure if this counts as hidden, but behind one of the trees in the front has an outline of a food item.

Stage 3: just before you get under the cross at the front of the escalator, if you go the the far right of the top cross and special attack (jump + attack) you will find a meat
(the following foods above will be very helpful when trying to get Mr. Sparkle)

Stage 4: at the beginning where the posters of the 2 girls' hands meet, you can jump attack the middle for an orange.

Stage 4: when you get to the first pool table. if you stand in between the first and second tables, walk to the very right of the first one and simply attack for a bowl of rice.

StaGE 4: not quite hidden, but before you get to the boss the 2 girls who throw the barrels, if you hit them before they throw them food will drop out of them.

Stage 5: when you find the huge stack of rocks, if you try to lift then constantly hit attack, it will eventually lift up and find a small pile of fruit.

Stage 5: right around where the baby cub is in the background, if you special attack (attack + jump) you will find a broom to make beating the bear MUCH easier.

Stage 5:where all the logs are before the bear comes out, if you stand on the far right edge and attack the corner of the entrance on the right, a turkey will fall.

Stage 6: when you first start, where the eyes of the krusty looking moon is if you jump attack them you will get an apple per eye.

Stage 6: when you reach the area where you fight the flying instruments if you jump attack the bottom part of the flag by the poll there is an apple if you jump attack it. also if you go the bottom right tip of the flag there is a SECOND apple.

Stage 6: if you special attack the mail box, there is a hidden bowling ball to throw at the boss.

Stage 7: right at the beginning, if you special attack the right of the ape cutout, there is a hidden turkey.

Stage 7: when you reach the first part of the ninjas, if you jump up on the wall and special attack the summit of the mountain, you will get a bowl of rice.

Stage 7: when you reach the scroll on top of the wall just as you get onto the stage, if you special attack it, an item will pop out of it.

Stage 8: right about where burns photo is on the wall, if you jumpo attack it on the highest point, a turkey will fall. if you move another maybe foot to the right there is another big item.

i really hope this helped you all out lol
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3 years ago#3
Cool! Thanks! That's way more than I thought existed!
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3 years ago#4
Stage 2: right as you come to the opening doors where the guys in bongo suits come out if you special or jump attack above the middle of the sign at its top there is a corn
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3 years ago#5
Wow. Stage 2 has many items close together at the end there. I may be able to single credit the game with all these. I'm close to it now!
A candle loses nothing by lighting another
3 years ago#6
stage 5: right as you jump onto the cliff at the beginning go top the very top and special attack the top on the edge facing left for an apple
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