So much fun...but no people

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4 years ago#1
Hopefully it's just because it's launch day but I have only met like 5 people online. Dying to play with more
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4 years ago#2
Well how about sharing your opinion of the title with the rest of us hesitant would be purchasers....the game has received reviews citing control issues, and aiming while driving is easily a problem with everything mapped to one stick.... You drive towards whatever you're shooting:( How can you circle enemies and shoot this way?
4 years ago#3
Ok sure. The title can be great (depending on if more gamers join in ). There are multiple game modes and but basically deathmatch is where it's at.

Now as for gameplay, I had no problem with controls seeing as how they are basically the exact same as Halo's driving. Control the camera with the right stick and push forward to go towards that way. When you hit a wall it is hard to recover a bit. Just immediately go reverse lol. EVERYTHING ELSE IS PERFECT THO. The buttons are all mapped well and gameplay is smooth!

The pickups are diverse and fun to use! The speed seems somewhat slow to me but I am used to Twisted Metals really fast pace. The cars are standard so far. A tank class, normal, speedy yet weak, a truck type, and an extremmly fast very easy to kill one.

Overall I give the core gameplay a 7.5 - 8 out of 10. It all depends on if the online picks up. I really like the game I do. It's a perfect quick play game! It loads quick an throws you into the game quickly. All in all I'm recommending it to all my friends. We all are PS+ users so the discounts a bonus! Hope this helps
PSN-- Beanero22
4 years ago#4
So camera movement is SEPERATE from car control movement? I ask because many of the negative reviews state that the camera moves the direction you drive because it's all mapped to just the LEFT stick....with the right stick having no use whatsoever? That's the main issue I could see the game having because you need to be able to circle enemies but also shoot while driving AROUND them, not just toward them. If what you say is accurate then maybe the game will pick up, but if not they'll have to update use of the right stick for's too big of an issue otherwise and will kill sells
4 years ago#5
What control layout are you using? There are two settings in the controls and all they do is change the buttons for acceleration/braking. The right stick is not used for anything except the "click" which lets you change the vehicle. I've never seen a game these days that doesn't utilise the right stick! I can't believe how horrid the controls are with this game. Deleted it almost immediately when I saw you couldn't change the controls for aiming off of the left stick.
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4 years ago#6
^edit....sales not sells:)
4 years ago#7
I use default controls. The right stick moves the camera. So I you move the camera to the right then press up on the left joypad your car moves forward and to the right. You move forward toward the camera position just like Halo. I am literally playing right now.

Btw more people are on now. Not a ton but way more than earlier
PSN-- Beanero22
4 years ago#8
Thank you for your review, Maebara22.

Today only first day of sales and only US, in Europe will start on next day.

I hope online will be ok.

About controls:
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