Puppeting city, or razing it.

#1ArcticPlaguePosted 8/30/2012 1:23:38 PM
Is it ever a good idea to raze a city?

I always thought it was pointless because towards mid-end game, the AI gets greedy and build Settlers wherever and it'll just be replaced anyway.
#2KaneOfShadowsPosted 8/31/2012 5:30:48 PM
Sometimes the AI is dumb and builds cities in dumb places, so I raze the poorly-placed ones. Other times I'll raze a city if my happiness is low.
#3ShadowDevilPosted 9/7/2012 3:53:07 PM
I am kinda picky about where my cities are so if its a small city and its not placed somewhat well then I will raze it.
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