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4 years ago#1
Is there any way to reset my account? (ie: Create a new one).

4 years ago#2
Delete and re-download the app. They (the developer) mentions it may delete your info if you do.

Upon deletin the app, iOS will ask if you want to delete your data. Choose yes.
4 years ago#3
Won't reset. I tried. iOS 5.1 seem won't let it reset. It will deleted app and datas.
4 years ago#4
You gotta reset your phone or whatever you use to play it, deleting the app doesn't reset your account.
4 years ago#5
My new account got ban temp automatic. You can't make another one. Must use what you already have. This sucks.

All I did is use another name.
4 years ago#6
Oh crud, sorry dude, forgot to mention its against the rules to make multiple accounts, my friend has an account that's been "temporarily" banned since release, my bad.
4 years ago#7
no problem. still have only one.
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