My Trade List. Lots of good stuff.

#1Odin393Posted 4/25/2012 5:38:56 PM
I am looking for a Witch of Snakes, Grieving Mandrake and Dream Breaker Priest. I am willing to trade any of the following for them. My ID is 2225999830 (Sin)

A's and A+'s
Lord of Massacre + (Lvl 25)
Lord of Sloth + (Lvl 25)
Lord of Gluttony + (Lvl 25)
Slaughter Bee Queen
Elf Commander
Lord of Rage

Creep Triffid
Fanfir Newborn
Iron Hammer Spider
Horned Demon
Vanessa of the Night
Sonic Pazuzu
Sand Giant
Fire Giant
Jealous Black Wings
Moonlight Bird

Hail Tarasque
Sand Giant
Poison Spit Frog
Water Bishop
Ice Giant
Stone Tarasque
Skeleton Dragon