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4 years ago#1
ID: 2252695906 (The Fury)

I am looking for (in order of desire):

Punisher Sphinx
Time Void Golem
White Winged Oracle

Other A and above monsters will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Send me a message if you think I'll be interested!

For all levels! I am also looking to trade B/B+s to fill out my monster list (especially those without skills). Don't hesitate to trade some worthless B/B+s with me, I'll accept if I don't have the one you offer.

I also have too many monsters at the moment. So I would slightly prefer deals where I give you multiple monsters for a few or one of yours. But I'm open.

I also have energy and battle potions, and a few elixirs. I will also accept energy potions and elixirs for my monsters.

What I offer:

Pure Dark Embodiment + - Level 10 - Decrease Enemy Defense
Pure Light Embodiment + - Level 70 - Decrease Enemy Defense

White Winged Oracle - Level 1 - Increase Party Defense (hesitant to trade)
Time Void Golem - Level 4 - Increase Party Attack (hesitant to trade)
Naga - Level 12 - Slumbering Breath
Beelzebub - Level 60 - Venomous Breath
Punisher Sphinx - Level 60 - No Skill (hesitant to trade)
Lord of Gluttony - Level 1 - No Skill
Sky Navy Slayer - Level 1 - No Skill
Lord of Sloth - Level 19 - No Skill

Elder Tree Leshy + - Level 50 - No Skill (slightly hesitant to trade)
Caim + - Level 49 - Agility Up
Undead Ammit + - Level 20 - Slumbering Breath
Alluring Black Wings + - Level 10 - Decrease Enemy Defense
Menace Frog + - Level 1 - Decrease Enemy Defense
Iron Hammer Spider + - Level 1 - Increase Party Attack
Departed Chill Spirit - Level 50 - No Skill
Noxious Pazuzu + - Level 35 - No Skill
Bone Smash Ettin + - Level 1 - No Skill
Outraged Minotaur + - Level 1 - No Skill

Stone Tarasque - Level 40 - Increase Party Defense
Cyclops - Level 1 - Increase Party Defense
Iron Giant - Level 1 - Increase Party Defense
White Winged Archer - Level 1 - Agility Up
Water Bishop - Level 1 - Preemptive Strike
Flare Wyvern - Level 1 - No Skill
Death Shadow Spider - Level 1 - No Skill
Soul Dullahan - Level 1 - No Skill
Bloodshot Minotaur - Level 1 - No Skill
4 years ago#2
I got sphinx I would trade it only for EP
4 years ago#3
How many?
4 years ago#4
I let you decide or msg through pm if you want
4 years ago#5
i have Oracle if you want (for EP only)

u can look me up in game

167th last week's rank
4 years ago#6
I don't need oracle at all and as I remember your OP you were looking for sphynx no ? I will find you and talk in game
4 years ago#7
Yeah, either Oracle or Sphinx would be great. I'm only in front of a computer so often, so messaging me in-game might be best.
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