Trade me a crimson lion guardian

#1varneyboiPosted 5/20/2012 10:05:40 AM
Im also willing to trade for a rank A+ or a very strong rank A ,I can trade you:


Jade rhinoceros beetle
Hell hammer spider
Pure light embodiment lv 60
Pure dark embodiment lv 60
Lord of rage lv 60
Flesh triffid lv 60
Lord of faith


Vanessa of the night+
Skeleton dragon+
Water bishop+
Death shadow spider+


Elf sorcerer
Giant sapphire worm
Green dragon
Predator shark
Enchanting mantis

200,000 gold

and alot of C+'s and C's

willing to trade up to 5 monsters for a worthy trade including my A's

My id is2821361800, message me if you wanna tade