Need Allies, Tips for New to DS Players

#1darksavant13Posted 7/28/2012 5:59:22 AM
Guild: Tyranny (purple). Please join, we need more players. ;)

Great game with AMAZING artwork. :D After installing, just enter my player ID#1845678351 and receive 3 free ally summons (monsters that fight for you) with a chance of getting a really powerful one. And, hey, you start out with one ally already... me! ;) Allies are an important part of the game and help you to have free ally points for summoning every day.

Tips for starting out... Have all summons of the same guild (color) in your party for a 10% bonus to Attack and Defense. Spend all of your gold sacrificing lesser summons to make your better summons more powerful so you don't lose gold battling (if you lose :P ). Make sure you pay attention to events (scroll down, bottom left red button) for free summons, etc, that can help you a lot. Hold onto A, A+,AA, AA+, and summons with skills, that you aren't going to use yourself until level 20 when you can trade them. When looking for someone to battle, pay attention to the BP (Battle Points) used by your opponents. You will want it quite a bit less than the BP you will use, their level doesn't really matter.

Hope this helps you out. :)