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4 years ago#1
I'd like to make a Psycho team with a good combo but i haven't got many psycho monsters so idk what's worth putting time into.
I hear dragons/demons make for best combos but idk

basically i'm asking for a list of monsters that would form a good psycho team any help is appreciated. thanks
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4 years ago#2
You're looking for:

Species Bonus +15% ATK & DEF
Guild Bonus +10% ATK & DEF
Rarity Bonus +10% ATK & DEF
Winged Bonus +15% ATK

So a bonus of 50% ATK/35% DEF

Go to the wikia and go to the monster list tab. You'll find, under the Psycho/A+ (or w/e it is you're looking for) all the monsters (more recent ones aren't updated yet).

Psycho has 6 A+ Demons and 8 A+ Wyrms with wings, if the species combo isn't important to you then you could mix and match with either Brute, Creation, or Crawler
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4 years ago#3
Bump of suggestions
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4 years ago#4
For Psycho, the main species are Demon and Brute

for Demon you want:

Selene+/BQS+ (IPA)
Dawn+/letharg (DED)
Death call+ (agi must have)
Lewd Twist+/ SDD+ (preemp)
Blue steel+ (Possibly skill change if you can afford it)

Also if you have a Victoria + then swap that out for bluesteel


You can go for a 5x combo with winged brutes but then you sacrifice your skills as most of them are not useful ( WWOH is impulse down, Clarissa psycho down, Valk crit up)

It is possible to have a Brute team 4x combo complete with all your required skills

Purple Flame weaver (DEA)
War songstress Suera (IPA)
WWE (agi)
Grim Cloak Inos (DEE)

If you max 20 those skills its a team that can stand against AA teams

Same with the demon team if you max agi

4 years ago#5
going w/dragons cuz that's what I came across but I'm sure I'll find some brutes eventually
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4 years ago#6
KaiMeraDaBeast posted...
going w/dragons cuz that's what I came across but I'm sure I'll find some brutes eventually

Hahaha well it was just a suggestion to your "suggestion thread'

Feel free to make whichever teams you want, as long as you enjoy the game :)

Just a hint, AGI Up is a critical skill needed in teams as it determines who strikes first, Keep this in mind as i dont believe there are psycho dragons that have agi up so you may have to make a Hybrid dragon team by mixing some dragons from other guilds

Lindwurm and Nidhogg are the ones that have agi up

Best of luck making your team!


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