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Hey guys, I've got a huge store and I am trying to sell virtually everything in it. I have some prices set but those are only for the people that truly want something priced. Give me an offer in EP and if I find it reasonable then I will accept it. I am pretty much only looking for AA wyrms at the moment but will gladly trade a hand full(5+ if need be) of creatures for them.

Remember. Everything is negotiable.
I made it into a google document since the list is literally huge. It consists of me and two friends selling things so here is the link for it.


Inside is my ID, I am also selling crystals at a rate of 20 crystals for 1 EP so let me know if you are interested. Looking for a preferred/ long lasting partner in my crystal sells, have offer 1000 right now and my clan farms them for me sometimes.

if you wanna chat my ID is 2171879427 or you can email me at buster0944@gmail.com. I will try to remember to keep checking back here at least once a day as well. Thank you for your time.
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Just slashed the prices guys, go ahead and make me an offer on stuff. Please be reasonable. :)
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Just a quick update and bump on the doc list. Feel free to give a look and let me know if you find anything.
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