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Which version will you be getting?

#1LightningAce11Posted 2/27/2012 12:58:35 AM
I might get black 2 because it has zekrom fusion or white 2 to continue from white but i don't really know.
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#2HitagiPosted 2/27/2012 1:04:49 AM
#3Tengu_spamPosted 2/27/2012 1:23:32 AM
Whichever one has B. Kyurem on it, that's Black 2 right?
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#4UmuruPosted 2/27/2012 1:36:33 AM
The one that corresponds to the game I got the first time. White 2.

...though, I might cave in and get both versions. Who knows?
#5M1AstrayPosted 2/27/2012 1:38:58 AM
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#6DarkDragonSpyroPosted 2/27/2012 1:56:10 AM
I Think that I will get Black 2 First
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#7Tetsaiga223Posted 2/27/2012 1:57:56 AM
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#8flipzasPosted 2/27/2012 2:17:43 AM(edited)
Getting White 2 for Reshiram fusion.
#9CervosiPosted 2/27/2012 3:10:30 AM
Hard to say. Black and White were hard for me to decide in the first place. Do I want the version with the cooler legendary but EVERYONE chooses because of this, or do I want to be kind of a hipster and choose the other one.

Black and White 2 will be more on which Kyurem form I think is cooler, which is impossible to say because both look cool and not stupid.
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#10NolerasPosted 2/27/2012 3:13:52 AM
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