Has anything in the pokemon games made you sad?

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User Info: djmetal777

5 years ago#1
That sky tower music from MD almost gives a lump in my throat everytime i hear it. The line where your character says its going to be the last adventure with your partner comes to my mind everytime i hear it.
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User Info: The_Sol_Blader

5 years ago#2
The ending of the Grovyle extra mission from Explorers of Sky... That has to be my favorite pokemon moment ever
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User Info: blue_hedgehog

5 years ago#3
Lots of things made me dad when I played Pokemon.

Back when I played Pokemon Red, I cried when I lost my first battle at Lorelai.

I got sad when I lost my save after abusing the Missingno glitch.
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User Info: CriticStorm

5 years ago#4
The ending of Mystery dungeon skys of explorer... I will never forget the teary eye moment i had when the sweet melody of sadness played and my partner Chikorita shed tears for her loss.

Best game ever and forever will be
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User Info: MileRun

5 years ago#5
Back in Silver version, I traded away a Shiny Pidgeot (who had been a mainstay on my team from almost the start of the game) for my friend's Ho-oh. This song played in my head the whole time:

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User Info: ZeoPamaster

5 years ago#6
Almost everything story-related in Mystery Dungeon games. those games are so darn emotional.
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